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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a messy closet or two in your house. My hallway closet was so cluttered, that every time I opened the door, I worried about someone losing an eye from the falling debris. I decided to finally do something about it! I bought some great closet organizers and created a beautiful gift wrapping station! 

My goal for this project was to not only to declutter my space, but I also wanted to create a beautiful and functional space. 

If you don’t already follow The Home Edit on Instagram, you need to run over there and see more tips! Those ladies are amazing. Below I have attempted to follow parts of their system. Here were the simple steps I followed to get started with the organization process.

Spread out items from the closet to see the clutter.

1. Remove everything from
your closet.

Start by removing all the items from your closet. It’s going to be a huge mess when you’re finished, but sometimes that’s what it takes. Once you see all the junk you’ve been hanging on to, your gut reaction is going to be to start throwing things out! 

One thing I noticed about my closet was the fact that I had so much Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags. I decided to move all of those Christmas items up to the attic with all of my other Christmas decorations! Why did I just now realize this? I have been cluttering up my hallway closet with Christmas stuff for years. I freed up a LOT of space when I moved those up to the attic.


2. Donate

Next, you need to decide which items you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Donate these items or throw them away if they are in bad shape. 

Tissue Paper Organization

3. Create Categories

Once you have removed all your unused items, it’s time to put everything back. But be careful! You want to put away all similar items in the same areas. You will notice I have lots of categories like gift wrapping, games, sleeping bags, and more. 

4. Use Closet Organizers and Bins

Whenever possible, use bins to hide away clutter. For my gift bags, I had to use dividers instead of bins, because of all the different sizes. It actually worked out perfectly. Once I had the dividers installed, I organized my giftbags according to events. Some of my sections included girl birthdays, boy birthdays, baby showers, and plain bags for any holiday. I also folded up my individual squares of tissue paper for and put them in bins separated by color. Now, when I go to grab a piece of tissue paper, I can grab one sheet at a time and I know exactly which color I’m going to get. 

Gift Wrapping Station

Stay on Top of it!

When you are finished with your organizing, be sure to label everything so you can maintain your look. 


If you don’t have time to do this your self, call The Sorting Sisters in Owensboro. They will organize any space for you! 

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