Decorating a Little Girl's Room

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Before decorating little girls room


Grey walls with lots of clutter

Are you having trouble decorating your little girl’s bedroom? Well, you’re not alone! When it was time to transition our daughter’s nursery to a big girl room, I never had time to make it look the way I wanted. It had grey walls with very subtle tones of pink and white. Not to mention, we rested a TV (that she never watched) on her dresser, which made it feel extremely cluttered.  And frankly, everything about the room was not working for me! This picture is a true depiction of what it looked like every day. Walking in there drove me CRAZY! Obviously the mess didn’t help, but the space itself left so much to be desired. 

This Christmas, I decided to finally spruce up my daughter’s big girl room to the pretty princess haven she has always wanted. 

Decorating little girl's room with white walls with pink dots, white comforter, rainbow sheets, light wood tones.


Subtle Pinks and Gold for a Unified Look

I decided to use white for the walls instead of the grey. This made the subtle pink color pop! I also used accents of golds and light wood to make things feel a little daintier. My daughter had been begging me for rainbows and unicorns in her room, so I found a way to make that happen without it overpowering the space. Instead of splashing a huge rainbow on the wall, as she had requested, I found rainbow and unicorn patterned sheets as well as rainbow and unicorn knick-knacks to place around the room. 

I used subtle tones of pink and gold for an elegant look.

Decorating a Little Girl's Room

Decorating a little girl's room with rainbow sheets from Target


Beautiful Bedding

For the bedding, I always use three different colors or layers. For this bed, the first layer is a rainbow patterned sheet from Target. The second layer is a pink Pillowfort quilt, and the final layer is simple white comforter. I love layering with three colors and showing them all when I make the bed for a fluffy, unified look. To add more pink, I added the pink round pillow with the ballerina on top. I really tried to show all three layers with my pillows as well as the sheets and comforters. All of the bedding is from Target! Check out my blog post on how to make a beautiful bed for more bed layering ideas. 

Little girl's bedroom with white walls, pink dots, light pink and white bedding


Focus Wall

I really wanted to add a focus wall with a small amount of color. After searching through lots of different wallpaper options, I finally decided I wasn’t ready to commit to full wallpaper. Instead, I found these BEAUTIFUL Desert Sunset dot decal stickers from UrbanWalls. That’s right, they are peel and stick! Just like a sticker, they have a sticky side protected with a wax backing. I kept the wax paper on and used blue painter’s tape to place them on the wall. When I had them looking just right, I peeled the backing off and applied them to the wall.  I am SOOO happy with the subtle color they add to the room. Not to mention, this color ties in perfectly with my bedding. 

Little girl's bedroom with light wood shelves, rainbow decor


Accent with Color

When using lots of white and muted tones, it’s always a good idea to add pops of color whenever possible. Since we had these cute rainbow decorations from Hobby Lobby and a variety of books, I decided to use these for my pops of color. I mixed and matched my knick-knacks on this light wood tiered bookshelf (also from Hobby Lobby). The books are organized by color, with the warm colors on the bottom, and cool colors in the middle. Besides the variations of rainbow colors, I also tried to throw in gold elements wherever possible to tie it all together with the rest of the room. I also had some fun using my daughter’s squishmellow toys for some added color! With kid rooms, it’s a good idea to use items you know are going to end up in the space. Work with the toys, not against them! 

Little girl's room with light pink comforter, gold accent table, small green plant, and pink dots on the accent wall.

Small touches of greenery

I absolutely love a small pop of greenery on a white wall! I’m not sure how much greenery is too much (when you know you know), but I felt like these two plants were perfect. I especially love the one on her night stand because the pot has a concrete texture. It really balances out the metallic gold table. 

White dresser, pink feather lamp, gold accents.

Decorating the Dresser

It was a bit of a challenge decorating this dresser and keeping this wall from feeling too cluttered. I wanted to keep the mirror low enough so my daughter could see herself in it, so I decided to rest that on the dresser. I placed the other pink, gold, and rainbow knick-knacks around the mirror to continue my theme. I found this cute feather lamp on Amazon! My daughter loves the pink tint it gives the room every night when she turns the lights off. 

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