Easy Staging Tips

Bathroom Do's and Don'ts

Prepping Your Bathroom for Photos

This week for my staging series, I wanted to talk about easy bathroom staging tips. When the professional photographer comes to take pictures of your house, there are a couple of easy things you will want to do in your bathroom to make it look nice! 

First of all, the most important thing you need to do is CLEAN and declutter. Whether you’re going to do it yourself or you plan to hire someone to help, make sure you scrub all the major surfaces, sweep, mop, and dust. You want potential buyers to notice how big and inviting the space is, and not the ring around your toilet. Read more about cleaning and decluttering your home before selling in my previous Organizing  Your Home Before Selling Post

Once you have cleaned everything top to bottom, it’s important to declutter your rooms. Start donating unused items, and hide away loose objects in closet organizers and as many bins as possible. Read more about my decluttering projects here and here

After you’ve decluttered and cleaned, it’s time to fine tune the small details! 

Bathroom Do's and Don'ts

Easy Staging Tips

Do This:

Hide your Personal Items

After cleaning everything thoroughly, be sure to remove all your personal items like shampoo bottles, soap, etc. Show off that beautiful tile shower, so buyers can see what your home has to offer. If you have a traditional fiberglass shower, you will still want to declutter and make sure everything is clean. Buyers will most likely pull back the shower curtain to see its condition, so keep that in mind before hiding the mop bucket in the tub (I really have seen that!). 

Not This:

Don't Leave Personal Items on Display

As you can see, this picture is more cluttered with the toiletries on display, and it doesn’t have the same sleek look as the picture where everything is removed. It’s also hard to notice the herringbone pattern in the soap cut out because the view is blocked by the shampoo. Removing everything could help buyers notice those small details they would have otherwise overlooked.  

Do This:

Hide your Rugs to show off your Floors

If you have nice flooring, especially in a small space, it’s important to hide the rugs to show  them off. Roll up your bathmats for the pictures and showings. It will help buyers notice the great amenities of your home. 

It might be hard to notice, but I also removed the toilet paper stand and the trash can for this picture! Nobody wants to see that anyways, so I hid them away to make the room feel cleaner and less cluttered. 

Not This:

Don't Keep rugs and clutter displayed

As you can see, for this picture I covered up the flooring with a bath mat and left all my personal items on the counter. While the picture is still nice, it’s certainly not as clean as the first one, and it’s harder to notice the nice features of the room. 

In some homes, the amount of clutter and personal items can be a huge distraction. You would be shocked at the amount of cleaning supplies, and laundry that are left out during the photo shoots!

Nice pictures could attract more buyers, so focus in on those small details. It could certainly help your marketability! 

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