Easy Staging Tips

Living Room Do's and Don'ts

Getting Your Home Market Ready

When preparing your home to sell, you need to consider doing a little bit of staging before the professional photographer comes in. I’m not talking about hiring a staging company to add new furniture and the full nine yards, but it’s a great idea to follow these easy staging tips to help your home look its best when it hits the market!

First of all, before we begin talking about staging, the most important thing you need to do before selling your home is CLEANING and decluttering. Whether you’re going to do it yourself or you plan to hire someone to help, make sure you dust, vacuum, and scrub all the major surfaces of your home. You want potential buyers to notice how big and inviting the space is, and not the dust bunnies that have taken over. Read more about cleaning and decluttering your home before selling in my previous Organizing  Your Home Before Selling Post

Once you have cleaned everything top to bottom, it’s important to declutter your rooms. Start donating unused items, and hide away loose items in closet organizers and as many bins as possible. Read more about my decluttering projects here and here

After you’ve decluttered and cleaned, it’s time to follow these easy staging tips to make those pictures look great!

Living Room Do's and Don'ts

Easy Staging Tips

Do This:

Use the Pillow Buddy System:

First of all, make sure you fluff your pillows! As you can see, the tan pillow on top has not been fluffed and it looks flat and a little sad. Compare that to the fluffy plaid pillow in the back, which looks full and super comfy! To make your pillows look puffy, simply use the karate chop method! Hit the pillow down the middle with your hand several times until it has its full shape. 

Once you have fluffed the pillows, always use the “buddy system.” You will want to have two pillows of the same size in the back, and a smaller pillow in the front. For this couch, I used different patterns for each group. I love the idea of a bold solid and two subtle patterns!  

Not This:

Don't Separate your pillows

I never like to separate pillows on my sectional. The patterns don’t have as big of a statement, and it doesn’t feel as full and comfortable. When separating the pillows, you can’t tell how well the patterns favor each other. 

Therefore, when staging a living room, I always pair my pillows together in the corners to get that comfortable feel! 

Do This:

Neutral Throw Blankets Loosely Draped

First of all, when using throw blankets across your couch, you will want to choose one neutral blanket with a little bit of texture. You can almost feel the softness of this wool fabric through the screen! Here is the link for this beautiful blanket. I have plenty of other blankets I could have used to drape over the couch, but I kept those all tucked away in a trunk out of the sight because they didn’t have the same comfy, simplistic look. I have them ready when someone needs them, but there’s no need to bring them out for the photos.

This blanket is also loosely draped over the cushions to give off the feel that someone has just snuggled with it. This subtle change makes couch feel inviting and beautiful! 

Not This:

Clashing Throw Blankets in a Neat Fold

This picture is SO COMMON in the real estate world! While there is nothing wrong with a blanket folded crisply on the back of your couch, it just doesn’t have the same dramatic effect as the other style. The bold, bright colors coupled with the harsh fold, make this picture less inviting and more cluttered. 

If you have any blankets like this one, beautiful and bold, keep them out of sight during the photo sessions and showings. You want potential buyers to notice the room itself rather than the bold colors on the couch.

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