Health Park & Griffith Area

Welcome To The Health Park & Griffith Area

The Health Park/ Griffith Area is one of the most sought after locations to live in Owensboro. From the beautiful dogwood azalea trails in the spring, to the classic architecture of the homes on Griffith Avenue, living in this neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous! While Griffith Avenue features homes anywhere from $500,000 to $1.3 million, the houses around the Health Park are more affordable for families. This quiet, centrally located neighborhood is a perfect place to walk your dog and enjoy small town living.  

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Location of Health Park & Griffith Area

The Griffith & Health Park Area is a neighborhood located on and around Griffith Avenue with boundaries between Parrish Avenue, Frederica Street, and Ford Avenue. Located right in the middle is The Health Park. This is a fitness facility which includes an indoor pool, pickleball courts, and much more! An Urgent Care is also attached to the Health Park, which is super convenient for residents. 

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:


The dogwood and azalea trail  is breathtaking in spring.


Some of the streets do not have sidewalks.


 Well groomed landscaping and classic style homes


Griffith Ave and Ford Ave can get heavy traffic at times.


It’s a quiet neighborhood with no crime.


It can take a couple of hours for the streets to drain during heavy rains.


It’s close to the public library, Convenient Care, and gym.  


The houses are older and may need some remodeling. 


The homes hold their value! 


Some homes have multiple levels with the laundry not on the main floor.

Home Styles In the Griffith & Health Park Area

The Health Park/ Griffith Area features many different types of homes but one thing remains the same in this neighborhood, the yards are immaculate! Most of the houses feature dogwood trees and azalea bushes which bloom nicely in the spring! Along with the beautiful landscaping, the architecture is exquisite as well. Here are some types of homes you might see.


Traditional Ranch

While most of the homes on Griffith Avenue have multiple levels, there are many single level ranches on the adjoining side streets. These homes are typically all brick with a traditional style. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are older so you will find that the interior may need some remodeling. However, with the established trees and excellent landscaping, the exterior of these home will stand the test of time!


Multilevel Traditional

If you’re a buyer who needs a single level home, it’s going to be tricky to find one right on Griffith Avenue. Lining the streets of this gorgeous neighborhood, you will find many traditional homes with two and three stories. With a combination of classic brick and stone, these massive beauties give the neighborhood a luxurious vibe. 



The Griffith Area is known for its stately historic homes. From the beautiful bungalows with wrap around porches, to the southern plantation styles, these classic designs bring on lots of nostalgia as you tour the neighborhood. There are many organizations around town, such as the Women’s Guild, that host events in these homes to show off their classic beauty. 


If you live in this area, you will either attend Owensboro City Schools or Owensboro Catholic Schools, both are great options.

Homes For Sale & Sold in Griffith/ Health Park Area

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