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When we first bought our house, the biggest item on our to-do list was to update our kitchen. Our home was built in the early 2000s when dark brown cabinets were the name of the game. Well, as you can tell by the flower arrangement, I wasn’t sure how to make my white decor fit. We wanted to brighten up our cabinets and replace our laminate countertops with quartz. We knew this was going to be an expensive task, so we saved up for months in preparation.

When it was finally time to do the job, we hired three different people to help us with our remodel. We actually saved money by hiring different contractors for each job.


 After painting the cabinets, installing new quartz counter tops, and replacing the backsplash, our grand total came out to about $7,000. We painted our cabinets with Extra White by Sherwin Williams. We changed the backsplash to a beautiful sparkling marble. Next, we changed the peach laminate countertops to white quartz. It's hard to tell, but the counters have a very subtle line of grey in them. The marbling in the countertops is very subtle to offset the colors in the backsplash tiles.
My favorite part of the remodel, however, was adding glass to the cabinet doors beside the microwave! A little bit of glass in any white kitchen really makes it pop. The best part about it was, we didn't have to buy new doors at all. We simply took the doors to a glass company in Owensboro and they replaced the inside panel with glass for us. The cost was around $60.

Now, I know this seems like a lot of work, and it was! A kitchen remodel can be VERY expensive. It took us months to save up. Now there were a few ways we were able to save money. First, took out the old backsplash and counter tops ourselves. Secondly, we did the decorating in phases. Once we had the cabinets and countertops fixed up, we waited another month before we added the glass doors. A year or so later, we changed our kitchen table and rug. Don't do everything at once if you can help it. Aske for gift cards at Christmas time so you can get the decorations you want!

Countertops: Precision StoneWorks in Jasper Indiana 

Cabinets: Painted by Scott Durham, Bright White by Sherwin Williams

Backsplash: Purchased at Kentucky Tile in Owensboro, work done by Chris Payne 

Make Your White Kitchen Sparkle

By adding pops of green, black, and wood tones you can really make your white kitchen stand out. I added a basket to my countertop in order to catch all the junk mail we love to collect. Behind my kitchen table, I found a great wall for floating shelves and a mirror to add more color.  

Find other ways to add contrast to your white kitchen by substituting white chairs for black ones. You can also throw in a black light fixture to tie it all together. 

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