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Should You Paint Before Selling your home?

Are you thinking about selling your house soon? If you are, you’re probably wondering if you should paint your house before putting it on the market or if you should just let the new owners take care of it. The main question you need to ask is “would these paint colors scare away potential buyers?” While every scenario is different, here are some tips for deciding when to paint and when to wait. 

When to Paint vs. Wait:

1. OUTDATED WALLPAPER- First of all, if you have more than one room with outdated wallpaper, you should probably remove it now. Houses with old wallpaper from the 80’s and 90’s usually don’t sell quickly. Most people won’t even look at these types of properties, because they are thinking about how time consuming and expensive it is to remove.

My advice is to go ahead and remove the wallpaper now. You will probably have more buyers come to the house, and you are more likely to get a better price for the home.

2. Wacky Colors: 

If you have MORE THAN TWO rooms in your house with bright and vibrant paint colors, it might be a good idea to pay someone to repaint. Some people think that it’s better to let the new owners decide what colors they want, but I honestly think it’s worth the money to have it done before putting your home on the market. 

With this being said, choose a neutral paint color. Check out some great options here.  Much like the wallpaper, if every room needs to be painted, it will scare buyers away. If you fix the colors before taking those professional photos, you could attract more people!

3. Extreme Cabinet Colors: 

If the cabinets in your kitchen are a bold color or in bad condition, you should consider repainting them before listing. 

I HIGHLY recommend that you hire someone to paint your cabinets instead of painting them yourself. It’s complicated and usually requires special equipment. The only thing worse than crazy cabinet colors are cabinets with a messy paint job! Give me a call if you need great painter recommendations in Owensboro!

When to Wait:

Bottom line, you always need to consider how much it would cost you for repairs and if it will help raise interest in your home. Sometimes it’s not necessary to repaint because potential buyers won’t be intimidated by a simple paint job. If the following items apply to your house, it’s probably a good idea to wait before painting:

  1. Modern and Subtle Wallpaper-  If you have a few rooms with accent walls or neutral colored paper, you can keep them. Here are some beautiful wallpapers that are acceptable (when used in moderation). Most buyers can look past the wallpaper if it doesn’t look like too much work to remove and/or if the colors are subtle. Although it won’t be perfect for every buyer, you shouldn’t have a tough time selling with these features.
  2. If there are a few rooms in your house that are colorful but not too bold, you can keep them. Most buyers don’t mind subtle variations of blues and greens. Most people will say things like, “I can live with this color for now, but I will change it later.” 

In summary, it’s all about finding the right balance.  If you decide to leave the colorful walls, but your house takes longer than expected to sell, you might decide to repaint and take new pictures. That could be the missing link for finally getting your house sold. 

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