How to Organize Your Pantry on a Budget

How to Get an

Organized Pantry

How to organize your pantry on a budget.

Your pantry can be one of the most unorganized places in your house because it is such a high traffic area. Spend time making it organized so you can feel better every time you open that door to get your next snack. If you’re selling your home, an organized pantry can help buyers see how much storage space they have to work with. Read more about how to organize your pantry on a budget.

Beautiful Transformation

Pantry Clean Out

Getting Started

When you clean your pantry, the first thing you need to do is throw out any items that are expired. Even if it’s not that old, if you find yourself pushing past it every time you go to grab a snack, chances are it is just taking up space! 

After you throw away the clutter, now it’s time to buy containers for beautiful storage. I bought a mixture of clear canisters and organizers. I also used black and wicker baskets to add a little bit of color. Make sure you plan out the way you want everything to look in advance. You will also want to make sure you have the correct sized containers for all of your food. There is nothing more frustrating than having everything beautifully mapped out, but your items won’t fit. 

Once you have the right containers, it’s time to take all of your snacks out of their original packaging. Not only do the boxes from the store look cluttered, they also take up a lot of space. Once you remove the items from the boxes, you will be amazed at how much more room you have! 


Clear Bins Make Items Easy to See



Put Everything in Categories

Once you have everything in beautiful containers, you need to put it all back in an organized way. For example, I keep all of my ingredients for recipes in one area, kids snacks and breakfast bars in another. If you set up your pantry in categories, it will make things easier to find. Don’t forget, if you have kids you will want to put their items on a lower shelf so they can have easy access. It took me five years to realize this! Once I moved everything to a lower shelf for my kids, my life became so much easier! 

Thank you Josh McFadden of McFadden Services for installing these beautiful shelves! Call him for your closet installation needs at (270) 929-8033.

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