Small Master Bathroom Remodel
Before and After

Master Bedroom BEFORE

Luckily, right beside the new master bedroom space was a large utility closet. It looked like the perfect spot to create a bathroom, and hopefully a walk-in closet if we could manage!

To make sure everything was going to fit properly, it was time for me to draw out the space and see if I could fit an entire bathroom in the square footage we had to work with. 

Utility Closet To Be Converted into a Bathroom

Before the Transformation

For this month’s blog post, I wanted to share some pictures of a small master bathroom remodel before and after! I recently helped a client buy a new home that needed some updating. The biggest item they wanted to fix for this house was the fact that it didn’t have a traditional owner’s suite. It had this beautiful extra living room; however, which my folks knew they wanted to make their master bedroom. The problem that still existed was, where and how can we create a master bathroom with the space we have? 

Entrance to Master Bedroom BEFORE (see the door to the utility closet on the right)

Small Bathroom Remodel

Designing the Space

Early Stages

Using a Basic Perimeter to Plan

The first step for designing the space was creating a basic drawing of the square footage. I put the exact measurements into a Sketchup Model and placed bathroom furniture to size in the existing floor plan. After playing around with different furniture configurations, I removed walls and added new ones to separate the bathroom and the closet.

From the picture above you can see the basic outline of where the bathroom will be (on the right), and where the closet will be (on the left). After moving a wall into the bedroom slightly, we had exactly enough space to fit everything we needed! 

Finishing Touches

Now for the Fun Part!

After removing some walls, and finalizing the furniture placement, the next phase was to test out different paint colors and tile options. We decided to go with a dark green paint color alongside a shiplap wall. The vertical pattern will hopefully make the space look bigger, and the grey concrete tile will add texture to the space making it unique.

The great part about this phase in the project is we were able to quickly test out different options and make changes without breaking the bank. For example, my folks thought they wanted gold hardware, but decided it wasn’t the right fit. It was absolutely no trouble to change the color in the model! After we found the perfect mix of hardware and finishes, I took some screenshots. They plant to bring these drawings to their contractor as a quick guide for what they want the final product to look like. Next, I gave them a document with links to purchase everything in the design. This means they can go at their own pace to make this picture come to life. There is no need to rush! 

If you’re thinking about buying a fixer upper, give me a call! I can help you update the space and bring your vision to life! 

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