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It's Time to Organize Your Home!

When selling your house, the most important thing you can do is CLEAN and organize everything. From your bathrooms, to baseboards, and even wiping down your cabinet doors, every surface deserves a good cleaning. Not only will your home shine, but the clean smell will be inviting for buyers. Here is a list of things you can do both inside and outside your house before putting your home one the market.


1. Keep your lawn well maintained. This includes mowing the grass, trimming trees and bushes, and removing any weeds from your flowerbeds. You can also add fresh mulch for a professional finish. 

2. If you have any large areas with flaking or peeling paint on the exterior of your home, be sure to hire a professional to make improvements. 

3. Correct any other major repairs on the exterior of your home. This can include a new roof, falling gutters, or a damaged fence. These issues will come up during inspection, so it’s a great idea to take care of them before your home goes on the market. 

4. Be sure to clear your roof and gutters of debris. 

5. Wash your windows and make sure all of your exterior lights are working properly for night time showings. 

6. Remove clutter from the front and back porches. This can include toys, gardening tools, and/ or excessive garden statues. 


1. Repaint in neutral colors if you have more than two rooms with bright or neon paint. For more information, visit my blog about when to repaint your house before selling. 

2. Remove all clutter such as dish towels, blankets on the couch, and knick-knacks. If you have an excessive amount of pictures on the wall, remove as many as possible to make the space feel bigger. The picture below is a perfect example of a cluttered space that will make buyers feel cramped. 

cluttered couch with lots of blankets and knick knacks

3. If you have pets, use Febreze to neutralize odors before each showing. 

4. When possible, declutter your children’s bedrooms and playrooms. If you have any toys that are rarely played with, go ahead and pack those up in preparation for your move. If possible, try to get all toys in a closet or organized tub. 

5. Lastly, if you have beautiful floors remove small rugs to show them off. Roll up any bathroom or kitchen mats and place them in a cabinet before each showing. This will not only make your space feel less cluttered, but it will also show off those fabulous floors!

Some other areas to organize in your home are closets, the pantry, and the garage. While not all buyers will care about these spaces, there are some that really need to see the amount of storage and utility a home has to offer. 

Even if you aren’t moving soon, decluttering these spaces will make you feel so much better!

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