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How to Make a Beautiful Bed

Jordan Boswell

Step 1: Decide on a color Pallette

Before styling your bed, you need to decide on three colors you would like to include in your look. I like to use one dark, one medium, and one light color. In the picture above, I used white, a light grey/beige, and a dark charcoal. The white was used in both the sheets and the duvet. For the middle quilt layer, I used my medium beige color. I also tied in the grey/beige color with the throw blanket and small pillow on top. For a bold finish, I added the darker grey body pillow, which can also be found on the side table and the floors.  Adding at least one darker, bold color can make your space feel complete. 

Step 2: Mix and Match

When finding the right comforter set, try NOT to think about buying everything in one bag. You can find a great patterned duvet cover set, and then buy a separate quilt for the middle layer. Add throw pillows and blankets from a variety different places. Once you find the right color palette, try to incorporate your three colors in as many ways as you can. 

Step 3: Add Some Texture

Using different textures for your blankets and pillows can make your space feel more inviting. I like to try different knit patterns for throw pillows and quilts if I have a smooth duvet. Alternatively, if I have a rougher texture on my duvet, I would use a smoother quilt for my middle layer. 

For your pillows, you should try to have smooth base pillows for sleeping and at least one other knit or texture for the decorative pillows. 

Cream + Blue + Red

White and Cream Bedding with Red Rug and Gold Mirror
In this picture, the bold color can be found in the rug. You could add a small pillow to the bed with one of the colors from the rug to tie it all together.

Blue + White + Grey

This client wanted lots of patterns and colors. In order to do that, we used variations of navy blue, white, and grey. The first layer of sheets ties in with the grey wall color. The quilt and last throw pillow are both white, while the blue throw pillows match with the floral pattern duvet.

Tan + White + Grey

For a more neutral pallet, we used variations of white, tans, and greys.

To see more before and after bedroom makeovers visit this blog post! 

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