Do you need a realtor to buy a house?

Do You Need a Realtor to Buy a House?

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When buying or selling houses, many people ask the question, “Do you really NEED a realtor?” From the outside, to some it may seem like realtors simply unlock the doors and collect a commission. However, the real story is quite different. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, having a realtor can save you a lot of trouble. 

Buying Agents

1. They are Free!

If you are looking for a house, you should call an agent because they won’t cost you a dime. That’s right folks, the sellers pay for the realtor. Not only will the buyer’s agent open the door for you when looking at houses, they will also schedule your home inspections and handle all of the negotiations in the transaction after you make an offer. Anyone who has a job knows how hard it can be to field outside phone calls while you’re at work, so have your buyer’s agent take care of that! 

2. Have access to off-market homes.

Many buyer’s agents will also send letters and talk to other agents in their brokerage to find you off-market properties. Great agents have excellent contacts and can often find you a home that you would have otherwise missed out on! 

3. They will handle the contracts.
When buying your home, there are a lot of contracts and legal verbiage that your realtor can walk you through. Once they walk you through it, you can simply sign the documents using an app on your phone. The process becomes a lot less stressful. 

Selling Agents

When selling your home, a selling agent is going to cost you between 4-6% commission depending on where you live and the price you have negotiated. This price is usually divided between the buying agent and the selling agent. Meaning, the agent who brings the buyer will get half the commission fee and the selling agent who markets your home will get the other part. Although that sounds like a lot of money, there are many great benefits to having your home listed with a brokerage instead of doing it by owner.

1. Professional marketing

Most companies, like The Blake Hayden Group, will hire professional photographers and sometimes videographers to get the most professional looking marketing for your home. I will definitely be there for you on photography day to make sure that there aren’t any personal items visible in your pictures. If you want, I can stage your home for you before the photographer arrives! 

2. Hands-off Showings

When you have your home listed with an agent, you don’t have to be present any time someone wants to view your home. You simply approve showings through an app on your phone, and leave your house while the agents show the home. Most people leave their house tidy before work, so showings can happen with absolutely no changes made to their routine.

3. They Handle Negotiations  

Just like the buying agents, the selling agents handle all of the paperwork and negotiating involved with selling your home. You will simply sign the paperwork on your phone and have your agent take care of the rest. They will talk to the buyer’s agent to handle the inspections and closing details. 

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So, do you need a realtor to buy a house?

The simple answer is, yes. You need a realtor to buy a house because the process will be so much easier. Selling your house with a realtor is extremely beneficial as well. If you’re thinking of buying or selling soon, call a professional and let them take care of the details and contracts for you. Most people will only buy or sell a few houses in their lifetime, but realtors do it every day. They know what to expect and can guide you through the complicated process!

What are you looking for in your next home?

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